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Yukon and Diaz
Both Bells Doxies
Digger a Mini Smooth Dapple Piebald
Baby photo and 1yr later photo
Maddi cream Longhair
With the Cavallaro's
Ricky & Lucy
Littermates born March 2004
Duchess Schatzi
1st Birthday party with Cake and all
Sir Walter of Breamoor Heights with the Noonan Family
Princess and Spurís Longhiar boy

Heís got a great temperament and might think heís a cat!
He gets along great with all critters and children in the home.
 Heís a cuddler, to be sure.
Miss Sage
Chocolate Dapple showing Piebald Smooth Coat Female
living in AZ
At www.deserthorizonaussies.com 
Lady Bung
By Lola and Kip
Andrew and Joy Woyna
PHX Arizona
Baby Skye Celebrating her Very 1st Birthday
Smooth Haired Cream - (an Elsa and Copper Puppy)
 Jazmine and her new Chocolate Dapple buddy Luna
living in KY
Badger (Softwire Doxie) and Freya (Longhair Black n Cream Doxie)
Otto - 1yr old and his 13yr old Brother Oscar
Rhys, Owen and Henry
Gus and Theo
with the Matthews Family
Andy - 8yr old Softwire
Doxy poo
With the Bensonís in Salem
Doxie Poo boy after his first grooming..
Lily a one year old Cream smooth
Badger Boy, a Softwire living with the Andreasen Family
Daddys Little girl "Lil Jeri" photo shoot
Kooper a Doxiepoo boy...
Truffles and Peanut
Baby Skye - Smooth Haired Cream Puppy
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