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in TX with Pierson Family Softwire by Belle and Kip

Christmas with buddies Rex, Gunny and Peety


Choc tan longhair by Jazzie and Roper
Upon arrival in CA with Jim and Laurie


by Gracie II and Kip Cream boy in NV with Patty and Family

Nirvana and Awsome
Iti Hoa and Oa Oa "Awsome" is by Boo and Rascal Softwire boy living in NV

Reno - Pale Cream Longhair
Scarlett and Kip
Living in CO with the Samuels


Cream Longhair
By Roper and Shelby
Living with the Reuters
in GA

Choc tan smooth female
by Levi and Harley
With Lennette and Family in Utah

Maggie and Roper
Smooth Chocolate Female
With the Dunns in OH

Choc tan longhair piebald
and his buddy Roxie
Living in Lyman WY

Choc tan longhair female
Living with the Jen and Shad in Utah

Choc tan wire by Roper and Maggie
With the Nygaards in Idaho

Best buddies!
Living with the Simkins in VA 
Libby Choc pie by Zoey and Buck
Hank Red pie by Dusty Rose and Levi

Hazel by Roper and Rainey
and her buddy Coco
In GA with Tracey

Belle and Beast
2 English Creams living with Chirstina and family in Chicago

Marli Rae
Cream by Scarlet and Kip

English Cream boy Blake
by Kip and Alicia

Cream female by Kip and Scarlett
In MA resting with her new brothers

Miss Molly Victoria
with Ben and Mary Jo Hayner
by Ruby and Levi

MoJo Jo Jo and Finn

Finn is by Ruby and Levi
Owned by Melissa in NewYork

Choc tan wirehair by Maggie and Buck and her buddy Maggie
Owned by Celeste and Lori

Blk Cream LH boy in FL with the Wilson Family

Tuff day at the office
Red/Cream Longhair by Boo and Levi

Blacktan dapple piebald Longhair
By Boo and Levi And her buddie

Bella Mia or "beautiful one of mine" in Italian
Now enjoying the sunshine in CA with Maureen and family
Bella's page http://www.maureenland.com/Bella.htm

Laramie by Lady Bug and Kip, English Cream boy in Texas
Creamer Creek Kennel Miniature Dachshunds

Scottie a Dilute red by Levi and Zoey
Checking out his" New Digs" then its in for a a warm place to sleep!

Wolfy an English Cream Longhair

Sora Cream birndle by Gracie II
and her buddy Chibi Ryu (blk tan smooth)

Peanut with the Smiths in VA
Red piebald Smooth coat

Annie (Choc wire piebald)
Living in Boise Idaho

Black Cream longhair living in Nevada
with Nina and family

Lola a 1yr old
Choc tan dapple longhair
Living in Colorado

Lilly a smooth blktan
Enjoyin the sunshine
in Green River, WY

Choc tan softwire Living in LA with the Cook Family

Cream Longhair Female by Kip and Gerty Owned by Jan and family

SPOTs Blk tan piebald boy by Tex and Nattie

"What fun in the sun, boating and swimming class 101!
Its a Great life with the Black Family!"

Louie cream/red piebald wirehair

Sadie Blue tan Smooth coat

Maggie Choc piebald smooth coat

Choc tan Dapple longhair Manard on his Birthday

Roxie the choc tan smooth by Gracie and Domino

Abby a choc tan piebald by Smores and Paxton with Friends in CA "OHHH the sun feels soooo good!!!"

Diva Choc tan Longhair by Domino and Dusty Rose
Living with her buddy Tara and the McCormacks of Alaska

Two little English Creams sired by Kip
Owned by Shadowridge Farms

This is Merlin (choc tan LH boy) and his girl KoKo Living with the Smiths

Vinnie Blktan Longhair by Doc and Pawpie with the Brunos

Tiny Blktan Longhair Piebald
By Dottie and Doc

AJ by Alisha is an English Black and Cream
With Rachelle at Badger Creek Dachshunds in CA www.badgercreekdachshunds.com


 a Black tan smooth and Daisy a Red piebald smooth
Loving life with the Barnard Family

a Chocolate tan piebald
by Coco and Paxton
Enjoyin the Nacht family of Massachusetts


Black Cream female by Stetson and Shelby - Green Mountain Doxies

Bailey now in Indiana English cream boy by Stetson and Cookie

Left to Right
Roxie, Emma, Jersey (Red Pie by Rose)
Belle (choc tan Dapple by Jezabella)
Living with the Bull's in IN.

Ellie a black tan smooth
and Griffin a choc tan wire
Living in Sandy Utah

a Full English Cream
with his new family the York's of MA

Choc tan Longhair female
by Moon and Leo
Living with the Donran's of WI

This is Coco and Buddies
Longhair Choc tan boy
"A Doggies life with the Christensen family!"

Ellie (Stetsons Daughter) and Buddy Gerta and Bo
Living in sunny CA with Debbie and family

Pippen is a Black Tan Longhair
in AZ with the Morgart family

Twix a choc tan Longhair by Cowboy and Jezabella and her friend sitting up for treats.
Living with The Whitehead family.

Cramer family's Doxies in Nebraska
Center the Choc tan Longhair  is by Doc and Rose

Rain a choc tan smooth female
By Mazie Mae and Doc
Living near the beach in CA

Penny is a red female by Cowboy and Tilley
Chillin in Provo with the Snows

Geisha by Boo and Kip
Living at the Dachshund Ranch in FL

Ty is a longhair Red By Boo and Kip
"What a nice bath that was!"
Living in Nevada with Tracie

by Doc and Pawpie and his girl friend Loreal
Owned by Mendy at http://www.lookoutmtdachshunds.com/

Annie Oakley
Black tan piebald smooth female
By Doc and Pawpie

Living in TX with the Cook Family

Gunny is a Chocolate Tan Longhair male
Living with the Floyds in Alaska


Lucy a Dilute Red female by
Cleo and Doc

Living with the Nolls of Springville UT

This is Eleanor and her friends A black tan piebald living in NC with the Krieger's (Dottie X Leo Daughter)

Choc tan female is Tootsie
by Freckles and Cowboy and then the Red female
is Roxy by Cowboy and Roxy
Living with the Wenz's in WY

Gino the big boy a Bullmastiff with his little buddy Nike the black tan Doxie  (Usually) living in Las Vegas in the sunshine with Nikki and friends

Sadie Black tan smooth
By Cowboy and Gerty
Living in Nevada with the Gann's

Shelby is a Blk/tan piebald LH female
by Dottie &Leo
Living with the Cook Family (and friends) in Laouisiana

This is Belle Choc/tan Piebald by Freckles and Cowboy
With her newest buddy Cleo (a Red doxie)
Living in Kentucky with the Blas Family

This is WYLIE (choc/tan Longhair boy)
Havein fun with the Tarver family and boys
in Washington State.

Dusty is a blktan smooth piebald
By Dotty and Leo
Living life in Colorado with the Fabians.

Muffin and Friend
Wildbore Soft wire coated female
By Cowboy and Fanny
Living with Dorothy and Ron in TX

This is Cowboy and Kitty
Choc dapple smooth by Freckles and Cowboy

Living with Parker and family in Salt Lake City, Ut.

Opal is living with the Turmans
in Arizona
She is a cream piebald by Mystic and Cowboy

Sadie a Choc tan smooth female
by Roxie X Cowboy
Living the good life in CA with the Graves Family

This is Schnapps (Mr. Boppers)
A chocolate tan dapple Longhair male out of Cowboy and Jezabella
Living in Nevada with Tom and Jan

Kipper a black tan piebald smooth out of Roxie and Cowboy
Living in Washington with the Tarver Family and his new bassett hound buddies.

Emily is a blktan LH out of Dottie and Doc
living with the Falgoust Family in La (louisiana)

This is Amber a choc tan smooth female out of MeMe and Leo
Living with the Anders in New Hampshire

This is Sugar Pie (Puppy on Bottom)

Dilute Red Piebald By Doc and Rose
Lynn & Paula Singleton
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This is Wini a Red Smooth coat female
sired by Cowboy
Living with the Anderson family

Bella living the fine life in New York with the
Aronne Family
She is a Cowboy and Brinlee Daughter

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